Use for life safety purposes only after evaluation and adoption by your Agency

The purpose of this site is to share this new knot with the rescue community. Your review and feedback is critical to the overall evaluation of the usefulness of this new knot and how I have incorporated it into what I believe is an improved rescue rope emergency harness. The test data from CMC, BlueWater, and Sterling are available on this site for download. Please share and discuss the knot and the Rescue Rope Harness that I've developed with your colleagues. Then, please e-mail your thoughts and any evaluation information you may have on the knot and harness to the address supplied on my "Contact page".

The KDL was developed as a hybrid of the double loop figure 8, and the bowline on a bight. Cavers in France now using the knot report the loops remain open and circular on their own. They suggest that this makes it easier for them to attach a carabiner in low or no light situations.

The KDL has no crossed lines in the loops as in the bowline on a bight. The loops also adjust easily as in the BOB. The shape of the knot and loops naturally form the leg loops, and open "like a book" for access.  The KDL "breaks" easily, as any bowline, when it is time to untie. Knot strength data compares favorably with the DLF8.

With your help, we can demonstrate that this is a safer, faster option that we can add to our rescue toolbox.